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Happy International Women's Day!

As today is International Women’s Day, we want to take a step back and reflect on all of the incredible women involved in the work at Courage Worldwide!

In 2005, Courage Worldwide was founded to help people find their purpose. A lot of these people have been women — digging deep, finding their unique purpose and equipping them to follow their God-given dreams. In 2007, we learned that we live in a world where children are sold for sex, so we vowed to do something — something that would protect these vulnerable children and propel them into their future. We vowed to give them hope and a home. Countless women have been involved on this journey, contributing their time, energy and lives to open Courage Houses and expand Courage Worldwide globally. We want to recognize and celebrate them today! First and foremost, we celebrate all of the incredible girls and young women here at Courage House (TZ), on their unique, courageous journey of healing!

We celebrate the courage of our founder, Jenny Williamson, for honoring this big vision for Courage Worldwide and bringing it to life, so victims of trafficking can be rescued and restored. We are grateful for Executive Director of Courage House Tanzania, Stephanie Midthun, for moving across the world to expand Courage House and its programs in Tanzania.

Not only does our Executive Team at Courage House Tanzania have the best smiles, but they demonstrate strength and wisdom daily. We are grateful.

We recognize the house mothers, who care for the Courage House Tanzania girls as if they were their own children.

We are grateful for these smiling faces and warm hearts!

We celebrate our strong leadership team at Courage House Too and the transitional program!

We are thankful for the involvement and support of Arise! Women over the years with Courage House and women’s empowerment here in Tanzania.

Because of our awesome Courage Ambassadors, the “college girls” of Courage House Tanzania attend college, university and vocational training and are able to follow their dreams. Studying to be journalists, lawyers, social workers, tailors, and more - this wouldn’t be possible without Courage Ambassadors!

Our Board Members — one pictured below, Jill Omari — support Courage House Tanzania through their wisdom and expertise in various fields in the community.

Our Courage Worldwide corporate staff and volunteers make it all possible. On the left are some of our corportate staff and volunteers — Stephanie, Nina, Jenny and Denise — and on the right, we have Volunteer Ambassadors Charlene Carthen, Dawn Hershberger with Stephanie Midthun (former Community Relations Director (now Executive Director Courage Tanzania).

Thank you to all of these women!

We at Courage Worldwide celebrate you, our supporters, for lifting up our girls through your support and prayers, and helping them reach their dreams! We cannot do what we do without you. If you would like to join us in equipping and empowering young victims of trafficking, click this green button. It is simple to sign up, but your support makes a big impact on the lives on many.



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