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Meet Our Founder

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Jenny Williamson is a social entrepreneur, life coach, published author, business leader, and inspirational speaker. She sits as the President of the Board of Directors.


Through personal passion and professional leadership, Jenny has influenced national policy with regard to the issue of child sex trafficking due to her ground-breaking work with the population. Jenny led her team in creating a blueprint for success by developing—from scratch—a proven model of restoration in a long-term residential setting.

Jenny has spearheaded community campaigns to involve individuals, faith-based organizations, and business and government leaders in a collaborative effort to meet the needs of child victims impacted by the crime of trafficking.

For her leadership, impact, and efforts in the community, Jenny has been recognized nationally, receiving awards including the prestigious FBI Director's Community Leadership Award, the Sacramento District Attorney Community Spirit Award, and the Community Impact Award from William Jessup University. She was additionally awarded the prestigious L'Oréal of Paris Women of Worth Award and was named one of the George H. W. Bush Presidential Points of Light Honorees.

Jenny grew up in Jackson, Mississippi where she still has strong family and community ties, but relocated to Northern California and, later, Northern Nevada with her husband, Michael. She and Michael co-own Williamson Energy, Inc., an energy consulting business. She is a mother to three adult biological sons, two adopted adult daughters, and many other young women who now call Courage House home.

Governing Board of Directors

Nevada Chapter Board

Tanzania Chapter Board

Advisory Board

A headshot image of Benjamin Keyes.

Dr. Benjamin Keyes

Director for Center for

Trauma and Resiliency Studies

at Divine Mercy University

Dr Benjamin Keyes is the Director for Internship and Training, an Associate Professor, and the Director for the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies at Divine Mercy University. His specialties include dissociative disorders, domestic violence, child abuse, addictions, and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Keyes received his Doctorate in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1985 from International College and his most recent in Counseling Psychology from the University of Sarasota in 2003. He also has Doctoral Degrees in Theology, Divinity and Ministry. Dr Keyes provides extensive expertise and leadership in maintaining Courage Worldwide programming as trauma-informed, as well as ensuring staff receive the emotional and mental health support needed. Dr Keyes continues to consult with Courage Worldwide on expanded projects, including a trauma assessment center. He is happily married to Kim and has two adult children and three beautiful granddaughters.

A headshot image of Annette Simonson.

Annette Simonson

Business Owner of

Tarangire Safari Lodge

Annette Simonson, along with her late husband, Jon, have been respected business leaders in Tanzania for more than 30 years. They own and operate Tarangire Safari Lodge in the heart of Tarangire National Park and Emayani Beach Lodge, on the coast of Tanzania. Annette has been lending her expertise for the launch and continued success of Courage Café in Moshi, Tanzania.

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