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Courage House Moshi

Courage House in Tanzania

Courage House: Moshi opened in 2011 in the Kilimanjaro region to 10 girls and 2 babies; since then, it has grown to offer capacity for 60 girls and their children.

Courage House: Dar es Salaam opened in 2023 for 16 girls.

Courage House Too is a transitional program in Moshi with capacity for 40 over-18 residents seeking to gain leadership and vocational training, receive English and computer lessons, and continue trauma-informed counseling while working toward independent living. 

"While serving as the United

States ambassador to Tanzania,

I saw firsthand the impressive work of Courage Worldwide. This faith-based ministry provides a safe harbor and a healing environment to young, sex-trafficked Tanzanian girls. Hope flourishes as these girls are empowered to reach their full potential."

"Courage House stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of human resilience, where victims of human trafficking find solace, healing, and a renewed sense of hope. It is not merely a shelter but a sanctuary that nurtures the seeds of courage, helping survivors blossom into empowered individuals ready to reclaim their lives."

"At Courage House, shuttered dreams are being restored as broken pieces are picked and put together for a better future. Courage House's standard is what I would recommend for all shelters providing support to victims of trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation to build back resiliency. The standard is second to none.

Don Wright, MD MPH

Former US Ambassador

to Tanzania

Edwin Muga

Director of TRI

Mpilo Nkomo

Senior Immigration and Border Governance Specialist for IOM Africa Capacity Building Center

A group of young students sitting at desks with their heads turned away from the camera.

C2BU School

Residents in Tanzania face severe educational challenges associated with their trauma. Our specially designed educational program provides an opportunity for residents to access education and achieve their dreams.

A teacher with a group of 7 preschool students.


Courage House: Moshi's preschool program was created as more and more pregnant residents arrived. Our program changes the lives of not just the residents, but future generations.

A young girl creating jewelry.

Courage Leadership Academy

Courage House graduates have the option to join the Courage Leadership Academy (CLA) to learn vocational and life skills. The goal of the program is to give each resident tools and skills to thrive as they transition to independence.

Courage Worldwide is a registered Tanzania NGO in addition to being a registered charity in Tanzania.

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