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Dr. Benjamin Keyes Comes to Courage House Tanzania to Train Our Staff

A Look into our Week of Training with Dr. Benjamin Keyes!

The effects of sex trafficking on the brain, heart and spirit of a young girl are severe, long-lasting and incredibly traumatic. It is a harsh reality that every Courage House resident faces.

We are so blessed to have a longtime friend and advisor of Courage Worldwide, Dr. Benjamin Keyes, as a mental health advisor over the years. Since the inception of Courage Worldwide, Dr. Keyes has helped us form a trauma-informed program.

Just last week, Dr. Keyes paid a visit to Courage House Tanzania to hold a week-long intensive training with our staff here!


“After working with Courage Worldwide for the past four years, I can truthfully say they are one of the most well designed therapeutic environments I have worked with in the area of human trafficking. Their extended family approach and focus on personal responsibility, while in a supportive therapeutic environment is cutting-edge in the industry. One of the very best in the industry."

— Dr. Benjamin Keyes, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Director of Training and Internship - Eastern States; Director of the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies at Divine Mercy University; Executive Director Green Cross Academy of Traumatology; Author of the H.E.A.R.T. Trauma Treatment Model; Mental Health Consultant, Courage Worldwide


Our social workers, executive team and support staff participated in comprehensive daily trainings so that each of us will be even more equipped to provide the best care for each girl at Courage House, as she walks through her trauma in the healing process. It was intense, but…

Dr. Keyes shared some of his counseling techniques with our team, and we had some fun learning and practicing!

All together, our entire staff and some community members attended an informative and timely training on compassion fatigue and secondary post-traumatic stress. We learned how important it is to take care of ourselves, so we can be at 100% when serving the girls at Courage House!

Probably the sweetest moment of the week was his encouragement to the girls at Courage House.

Dr. Keyes shared with the girls about his initial struggles in school, dropping in and out of college a few times.⁠ He thought he couldn't make it. It took one person who believe in him to shift his whole perspective. ⁠ Now, Dr. Keyes has 2 Master's degrees, 5 PhD's, decades of experience, and is a leader in the field of psychology and trauma training!⁠

He encouraged the girls to not give up on their education, their dreams or themselves. It's a moment we will all remember!⁠

Individuals like Dr. Keyes are a God-send to us. His expertise and familiarity with our program over the years allows us to continually evolve and improve our program to best serve survivors of trafficking, who deserve the best we have to offer.

Each one of us has a special gift or special knowledge that can contribute to ending human trafficking and helping victims as their lives are restored. One way you can contribute to this mission is supporting through monthly or one-time donations. It’s super quick and easy to sign up, but extremely effective. Your donations allow us to hire the best staff, create the safest environment and support every girl until she can stand on her own.

Will you join us in changing the world, one individual at a time?



Joel and Stephanie Midthun

Executive Directors, Courage House Tanzania


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