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William Jessup University at Courage House Tanzania

Courage Worldwide values its donors and partners; without them, without you, it would have been impossible for us to provide safe homes, compassionate staff, and healing resources for hundreds of young girls who have been sold for sex. One of our long time partners, William Jessup University brought a team to Courage House Tanzania this summer. Cameron Thorn, William Jessup Admissions Counselor, was a part of that team and below reflects on his time with our girls, our staff, and programs. Thank you William Jessup University for sending a team over. You were such a blessing!


When we arrived in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa, I was overtaken by the beauty of the people and the land. Never had I experienced a culture more welcoming and loving to strangers. Possibly because my team stuck out sorely, but everywhere we went, we were greeted with hujambo (which means hello), smiles, and the occasional person yelling mzungu (white person).

The place we stayed at was engulfed with more plants and types of palm trees than I knew existed, and after settling in, my team headed to Courage Café for dinner and to meet up with our hosts, the Midthuns and Sami.

As we walked onto the property, it was nothing short of breathtaking, and we got a glimpse of Uhuru (Freedom) Peak, the tallest point on Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am a coffee fanatic, so I splurged for my first cup before eating and became instantly obsessed—honestly, one of the best beans I’ve had. I brought back a considerable amount for family and friends as gifts. The food at the café surpassed my expectations. However, it was the staff that I fell in love with. They were all so accommodating, and it was evident they loved the ministry and having an opportunity to serve their community.

The first full day in Africa was arguably my favorite because when we arrived at Courage House, we were greeted by the girls chanting in their native tongue and waving palm branches. It was not long before my team was dancing with them.

Then they sang us songs in Swahili and English, introduced themselves, and told us about their career aspirations. Then the staff told us about themselves and their roles at Courage House.

It was an emotional moment for me because I expected to step into a world full of brokenness and what I found at the Courage House was a place of hope. The longer I stayed, I realized just how much the staff loved the girls and sacrificed so the girls could have a better life.

CrossFit fun with Cameron, the WJU team, and the Courage House girls!

There are so many memories from my time in Africa I will forever cherish. A few of our adventures included: a kid’s revival, leading CrossFit with the girls, helping build a garden, hiking to a waterfall on Mt. Kilimanjaro, touring a safari through the Tarangire National Park, shopping at the local flea market, visiting local churches, bonding with my team at the café over a fantastic meal, and working with the Courage leadership team. Leaving was not easy because what Courage Worldwide has created is nothing short of remarkable. Africa and the people will always have a piece of my heart, and I look forward to the day God calls me to return!

Cameron Thorn

Enrollment Recruiter & Strategic Partnerships

William Jessup University


We are grateful for all of our supporters near and far, that all play an important part in the work we do at Courage Worldwide. We love to read the powerful testimonies from those who have seen with their own eyes the transformations happening here at Courage House and the impact it makes on each child. Your support enables us to sustain all of our restorative programs so that more lives can be changed.

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