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Will you give to their future?

As we approach the end of this year, we want to say…thank you!

We are amazed at the perseverance and success of these young women who came to us as hurt, broken little girls. They encourage us. They are the water walkers, giant slayers, and history makers.

They are proof that what we do matters.

We are excited about the future and want to invite you to be a part of providing that same hope, healing, and opportunity to more vulnerable children.

In over thirty years of business and nonprofit leadership, I have seen three types of financial givers.

  1. Those who give to a compelling vision and dream

  2. Those who give to a devastating need

  3. Those who give to already successful program(s) and organization

Here at Courage Worldwide, we offer you all three.

Our mission is to provide safe houses and resources for child victims so they can reach their unique potential. Our vision is that every child survivor of sex trafficking would have all the support necessary to begin their journey of hope and healing. This mission and vision are both compelling and, we believe, God given. It is our dream to build a Courage House in every city around the world that needs one.

Courage Worldwide has been in existence for 17 years, creating and sustaining programs, and is now ready to replicate them. These programs have brought hope and healing to hundreds of young children and youth here in the U.S. and in Tanzania.

Our desire at Courage Worldwide is to provide vulnerable children—those who have been sold for the profit of one individual and the pleasure of another—with a different narrative. Their experience has taught them to believe no one cares, no one will protect them, and they will have no future. We want to provide new evidence—evidence that they are valued, loved, safe, and created on purpose for a purpose. To do so, we need to build more homes and provide a safe place for them to heal and gain hope.

That is what we at Courage Worldwide are called to: building them homes, calling them family, and providing all the resources they need to be and do all they were created to.

Will you join us? Will you give to their future?

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Donate here or mail a check to our office at:

3495 Lakeside Dr. #88, Reno, NV 89509.

Jenny Williamson Founder/CEO, Courage Worldwide

We are still selling Courage Coffee! Perfect for holiday gifts and cold winter days. Support child survivors of trafficking and drink some of the best coffee in the world!


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