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Two sisters, 10-year-old Belinda and 8-year-old Caren, are now safe.*

Their alcoholic father sold these precious children to men in exchange for money and alcohol. Many men around the village took advantage of the girls sexually.

The head mistress from the girls’ school discovered this disturbing situation. She took the oldest girl to the doctor for a check up and it was confirmed she had been sexually abused for some time. The head mistress called their parents to talk about the problem but was met with a lack of interest and care.

Several stakeholders—including the local village leader, other NGOs, and the Tanzania Social Welfare Office—intervened to rescue Belinda and Caren. The early assessment we have done shows the high level of trauma these girls have experienced. They do not even know their age. Caren is in first grade, but her education capabilities are similar to a nursery student. Belinda is supposed to be in fourth grade, but her education ability is equal to that of a first grade student. Both girls are happy to be here at Courage House and we could not be more relieved that they have been rescued from this dire situation and are safe. The path to restoration won’t be easy, but it begins now. Your donation towards the rehabilitation of these sisters will impact their lives forever! Join us in changing the lives of over 60 girls and their children at Courage House.


Jenny Williamson

Founder & CEO, Courage Worldwide

*Names changed for the privacy of the residents.


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