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We Haven't Forgotten

September 11th: A date carved into our history and our hearts as Americans.

This year our organization wants to remember and honor those who lost their lives on that date 20 years ago and to say “we haven’t forgotten.” When we at Courage Worldwide chose September 11, 2021 as the date of our 7th Annual Triathlon in Lake Almanor, California, little did we know that the site of this event would be ravaged by the Dixie Fire. Our first inclination as an organization was to cancel this event. However, our amazing team of volunteers who created this event insists we must continue! We must continue so we remember those whose lives were taken due to senseless violence and we must continue to run so children who have been sold and exploited for sex don’t have to. We are a community who works hard, perseveres and fights for those who have no voice.

I will be there. Will you join me?

You can still sign up as an individual or as a team for this event. Due to the late date, we can’t promise you a t-shirt but we can promise you that your participation will provide a future for those who don’t believe they have one. Thank you and thank you to our team of volunteers who care enough to do something!

Jenny Williamson

Founder & CEO, Courage Worldwide


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