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Together We Are Impacting Lives

Together We Are Impacting Lives!

1) “Brenda”, now a former member of Courage Leadership Academy, officially transitioned to independence, now living in her own apartment. Not only this, but she is the first Courage House Tanzania girl we have hired as a staff member!

“Brenda” came to Courage House at just 15 years old. She had been terribly abused, exploited and trafficked for sex. Understandably, she had so much anger and rage that at times our staff were afraid of her. PTSD is common in our girls, and because of the trauma she endured, many of these symptoms were evident in Brenda. Our staff found that she was very teachable and eager to grow emotionally, spiritually and in her education. Brenda received counseling and grew spiritually, and gradually we saw the anger in her soften as she began to forgive those who hurt her. The changes in Brenda were remarkable.

Brenda tried her best in school, but it was a challenge for her to pass and after a couple of years, we saw her losing confidence. Even though school was a challenge, our team could see she was gifted and asked her what her dreams were. Brenda wanted to be an entrepreneur. She received vocational training in agriculture, English, computers and jewelry making, and then she moved to our transition home “Courage House Too” 16 months ago. Her beautiful African fabric wrapped earrings are selling very well and we feature them on our Courage Store - the profits support Brenda as well as our CLA program.

Brenda is now 20 years old, has completed our Courage Leadership Academy for our girls who are over 18 years old, and has saved up enough money to move out of our transition home and on her own just this month. She has been assisting at our offices and with our merchandise, and we just hired Brenda as our CLA Office Assistant. She is the first girl, of what we are hoping will be many, to work at Courage Worldwide in Tanzania! She is confident, kind, faithful and is reaching her dreams.

Our girls look up to Brenda as they see her success, even though her journey is unique, as all of their journeys will be to reach their dreams. Brenda is truly an inspiration to our girls and to all of us. She shines brightly and displays God’s glory beautifully.

2) Thank you from a girl who called Courage House home. Some of you may remember just a few weeks ago, one of our former Courage House California girls was in desperate need of a vehicle. Because of you, her prayers were answered!

“I cannot put into words how thankful we are to have been SO blessed by you all. We thank God every single day for our van. It is our first safe/reliable car for work and school! For the first time in my life I received a gift without the expectation that I must do something for someone in return. This has been SO healing for me. These blessings were a direct answer to my silent prayers. Our Father in heaven reminds me every day through people like you, places and random acts of kindness that I am seen, heard and deserving of greater things in this life. I cannot thank Courage Worldwide and their generous donors enough for helping my daughter and I through a tough season of life. We ended 2020 with an unwavering sense of stability. Thank you!”

A drawing from her daughter.

3) Encouraging words from a donor and her restoration of courage!

“Dear Jenny, I just wanted to write and say a big "Thank You!" for the newsletter I just received from Courage House. When I woke up this morning I was immediately bombarded with feelings of being overwhelmed with so many prayer assignments, large and small...individuals that are struggling, one dear sister who just lost her husband of 63 years right before Christmas, one of our homeless camp communities that are being evicted (approx 80 men, women, and children), on and on...I was crying out to the Lord and wondering how in the world my prayers would ever be adequate enough to cover the enormous needs surrounding us.

Then I opened that letter and my heart and hope surged! I felt such joy! When I finished reading it I sent it to our group to encourage them, as well as to several other ministries we partner with in Israel, China and India. As I was finishing, I realized what had happened in my spirit, Courage House, it's girls and staff had restored my Courage! Thank you for your faithfulness to never give up and to continue to reach out and give help and hope where there is none. It is such an honor to partner with you in prayer and financially as we are able. God bless you, and Happy New Year to you and yours and all at Courage House.”


As we kick off the new year, we are reminded of the amazing things God is doing at Courage Worldwide. From our girls and former girls, donors and staff — we are seeing stories of growth, success and hope. Without you and your support, all of this wouldn’t be possible. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are not a regular donor but would like to become one this year, click the green button below. It’s easy to sign up and start changing the world, one individual at a time!

Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide

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