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The Best Way to Spend Your Day!

With the month of August approaching so quickly, we wanted to remind you that the registration for Courage's virtual event is coming up! The registration deadline is August 10th, so that you can receive your special race t-shirt, race bib, and medal before the race. In case you haven't seen anything about the virtual event yet, we are hosting our 6th Annual Courage Triathlon on August 29, with a twist this year. This year the event will be virtual and customizable to your abilities and preferences. Don't be intimidated! You can complete this event however you'd like. Maybe you walk instead of run, split up the race between you and 2 friends, or just do one section. It's up to you! This race is for everyone, to come together and do something to support trafficking victims.

We are using the hashtag #couragetri2020 to collect all the pictures and fun memories from this event! Make sure that when you post, you use this hashtag so you can inform your followers on why you are running: to raise money for victims of trafficking and spread awareness in your community that it is wrong to sell children for sex.

Another reason to use the hashtags is for the recognition of these fun categories! Since there is no official course, there is no need to submit your time. However, we did want to recognize those of you participating in the event in a fun and competitive way!

This event is fun, low pressure and most importantly, meaningful. The money raised from this event goes to support Courage House: the young girls and young women who have been trafficked, but are now in the process of changing their lives. What better way to spend your time than to join in the fight against trafficking! We are so excited for this virtual event and for all of you who will be joining us!


We also have a Courage Run Instagram (@couragerun) for more information about the virtual triathlon. Give us a follow for more updates, further information, and to get your questions answered!



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