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Strong Foundations Are Not Easily Shaken

Courage Worldwide was very intentional at its inception to build the organization on a strong foundation. Listed below are those foundational values that have allowed us to not be shaken during difficult times and has allowed for incredible growth during seasons of expansion. This week in a later e-blast our Founder and CEO Jenny Williamson reflects on the organization's foundation and growth cycle that allows us to rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking around the world.


What is CWW’s Mission? To change the world one individual at a time by helping people find their purpose so the needs of the marginalized in this world are met and they find theirs..What is CWW’s Vision? To equip, encourage and empower 1,000,000 people so 1000 homes & centers will be built in 100 cities & countries during the next 10 years so that hundreds of thousands of children can be set free.


Communicating the organization’s core values is very important to us as an organization. Our values explain who we are and the types of people that we want to engage in executing our mission and vision. Our expectation is that each and every CWW Board and/or staff member as well as our ambassadors and volunteers will embrace, champion and reflect the organization's core values.

We value…

Courageous dreamers, pioneers & risk takers. We are water walkers, giant slayers and history makers. We have faith and take risks. We are entrepreneurs and pioneers. We dream big dreams and imagine a future not yet attained. We expect that God will do more in and through us than we dare imagine as we dream big, live large and laugh loud. Operations and relationships based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We respect each other’s uniqueness, strengths and opinions. In all of our relationships we offer and expect honesty, integrity and mutual respect. Unity. We are united by and committed to the mission and vision of the organization – it is greater than our personal differences and/or opinions. It is our common language. We respect lines of authority outlined in the organizational chart and agree to communicate through the proper channels. When there is disagreement or personal differences we communicate authentically and with grace-filled directness. We respect and support the decisions of leadership, setting aside our personal opinions to the greater good of the organization. Results and goals guided by the mission & vision of the organization. Each and every team member has a vital role in the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and vision. We work hard and take seriously the responsibilities assigned to us. We are committed to delivering results and meeting the goals assigned to us that support the mission and vision of the organization. Advocacy for justice and those who have no voice. Our social justice focus is one that preys upon the vulnerable, exploiting their weakness for a profit. We are to be a bold voice, advocating for the unique needs of victims within the business, government and faith-based communities. Growth in our strengths & uniqueness. This is both an individual and corporate value. At the core of the organization is the belief that each and every one of us is created uniquely on purpose for a purpose and that each and every one of us has been given strengths, gifts and talents that God intends to use to change the world – one individual at a time. We value uniqueness and we strive to have each employee and volunteer operating and growing in their strengths while complementing each other – accomplishing more together than we ever could alone. Excellence in all we do. We strive to produce all our work with excellence, attention to detail and of the highest of quality to ensure the organization is highly regarded, well respected and above reproach within the community. Each and every person is held to a high standard of behavioral and professional excellence. We offer only our best – individually and collectively. We are each ambassadors of the organization, tasked with upholding its reputation within the community.


Keep on the lookout later this week for Jenny Williamson’s blog on how critical strong foundations are for our dreams here at Courage Worldwide! If our core values and mission of supporting trafficking victims in their journey to healing and restoration resonate with you, join us in this work through a monthly or one-time donation! We are grateful for those of you who already are supporters, as you have helped us to create this strong foundation needed to do this vital work.


Courage Worldwide

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