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Staff Spotlight!

We are often asked for details about the programs, resources and services that Courage Worldwide provides to its residents and former residents. We respond with a list our program list that includes counseling, therapy, academics, medical care, etc.  However, when you look closely at those “programs” you can see that they are all dependent upon people! Without our amazing staff, our people – there would be no program(s), no services, no resources to offer the young children and women we serve. With that in mind, we want you to get to know some of our incredible staff members.

(Pictured: CEO Jenny Williamson with part of the Tanzania Executive Team and two of the Board Members from Courage House Tanzania)

We only hire the best of the best at Courage Worldwide, to be the best educators, advocates and caretakers for Courage House girls. This week's featured staff member is our social worker Suzan! Suzan has overcome many obstacles in her life, is an incredible advocate for Courage House girls, and is wise beyond her years.


Suzan Shoo was orphaned at a young age, both her parents dying of HIV/AIDS. Thankfully, Suzan had extended family who cared for her which enabled her to go to a university to study community development. Her dream was to be a social worker.


Fun Fact: Suzan can drive! Many women in Tanzania do not get the opportunity to drive. At Courage, one way we empower our Executive Team is by helping them get their driver's license! 


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