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It's Not Just a Job; It's a Calling

It's not just a job, it's a calling.

The work we do at Courage House Tanzania, rescuing and restoring young victims of sex trafficking, wouldn’t be possible without our incredible staff. Made up of social workers, teachers, house managers, cooks, house mamas, guards and gardeners — our staff handles the toughest situations with strength and grace.

This job is not easy.

That’s why it is time to celebrate — quite a number of our staff have worked at Courage House Tanzania for over five years now, some even seven or eight!

It speaks volumes that these individuals stick with Courage through the ups and the downs, as they are so invested in changing the lives of trafficking survivors. Each and every employee makes a difference in the big family of Courage House.

Hear from a few of these treasured staff members about the impact Courage has had on their lives!


Suzan Shoo

Social Worker

Almost 5 years at Courage House TZ

What do you like about working at Courage?

  1. Teamwork

  2. How the organization cares for its staff and workers: their health both physical and emotional, safety and security

  3. Every day there is something new to learn

  4. Great working environment and availability of resources and supportive materials

  5. The motivation from leaders and fellow workers is amazing.

What are the biggest changes you have seen at Courage over the years?

At Courage: There has been massive growth in the girls and as an NGO, for example: the number of girls that have been saved, number of staff, ownership of the property, increased recognition in the community.

The girls’ life changing transformations emotionally and spiritually are fantastic. The increase in their education and knowledge is also amazing. In my life:

  1. I’ve learned that some people can and can’t change.

  2. Through Courage, I had my first experience of transport by flight.

  3. Courage has increased my knowledge and skills, like driving, counseling training, communication skills, and much more.

  4. I can’t forget the spiritual growth that has happened because of Courage.


Joseph Sagwa (Baba Karen)


8 years at Courage House TZ What do you like about working at Courage? I like my work, and I like to be a part of what Courage does. I like the way Courage cares for the staff. The leadership is very good. I thank the Courage leadership for the good job.

The girls change so much - many of them become Christian. Previously, the girls were dealing with abuse and fighting, but now there is peace and no fighting.

What are the biggest changes you have seen at Courage over the years?

In the last four years especially, there have been big changes and big improvements. When I started at Courage there were only four girls, now there are so many. In the beginning, the situation was just a house, but now it is a center and program.


We couldn’t be more grateful for our Tanzania staff. Working with the girls at Courage House, the staff gains a deeper understanding of what it means to be a victim of trafficking — it’s not just bad behavior or “bad girls” but instead it is a crime against the most vulnerable. This realization is how societal stigmas start to shift, and how we can work together to prevent this evil from occurring and help victims in any way we can.

It is one of our priorities as an organization to empower our staff. If you would like to join us in changing the lives of the community here in Tanzania through Courage House, take the step and become a one-time or monthly donor now! Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you so much for your commitment to Courage, the girls and staff. We appreciate all of our supporters so, so much!


Joel and Stephanie Midthun

Executive Directors, Courage House Tanzania


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