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From a Girl Who Once Called Courage House Home

Letter from a U.S. Former Courage House Resident

Being at Courage House made me realize, family does not have to be blood. I now have people who protect me, encourage me, and accept me for who I am—something my own family did not do.

I am now free to be my own person without feeling judged.

I loved my experience at Courage House. It changed my life. I am now in college pursuing a degree in nursing - a dream I have had since I was a little girl. It would have never been possible without Courage.

I was at Courage House from when I was 13 years old until I was 16, then I moved in with my Courage Family: a couple I met when they were volunteering at Courage House. While living with them I got to go to prom and graduate high school with my peers.

This would have never been possible without Courage.

I am now 22 years old and Courage has never abandoned me. They are still there when I need love, support, encouragement, counseling, or resources.

We need more homes; we need more Courage Houses.

A Girl Who Once Called Courage House Home


Many of the girls and young women at Courage House do not have a family or support system to rely on through life’s ups and downs. These low points and challenges are especially difficult for those who have faced extreme trauma and are paving the way for a life beyond a past of sex trafficking and exploitation.

That is why there is no “graduation” from our program at Courage House; no end date and no expiration date. Once a girl is welcomed into the Courage Worldwide family, we are there to support and love her as she embarks on the healing journey and as she continues to follow her unique purpose as an independent young woman. In the U.S. we are still supporting many of the former Courage House residents alongside our expanding programs in Tanzania.

Will you join us in this incredible work in changing lives?

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