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Expansion in a Pandemic

What do you think of when you hear the words pandemic, COVID-19, Delta, or Omicron? Maybe you think of lockdown, division, layoffs or maybe it just stirs up emotions like fear, anger, depression, or grief. For most of us, I don’t think the words growth or expansion come to mind.

Courage Worldwide has had a vision to open Courage Houses in every city that needs one. It’s been 10 years of learning, establishing a good foundation, best practices and now the full vision has been realized: a home for minors, a transition home for girls who turn 18, vocational training, and then Courage Café for sustainability and jobs for our girls. We now have a proven model with great outcomes and we are caring for more than 60 girls and children in Tanzania, while mentoring and staying in relationships with girls from Courage House California. We are seeing many girls thrive in college, some in their careers, and others who are married and have children.

We feel strongly that God is leading us to expand in 2022 to a new city: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania which is one of the fastest growing cities in the world (6 million people!). It’s home to government offices, embassies, and many NGOs (non-profits). The US Ambassador to Tanzania has introduced us to key leaders in Dar, who all have said, ‘We need Courage House here!’ Just this week, the US Embassy in Tanzania featured Courage Tanzania on their social media and website for Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Right now we are in Dar, looking for office space and possible places for Courage House. We are meeting people from different sectors who want to get involved and help. We are talking about training and resources that would impact all of Tanzania and asking God to guide our steps.

We recently promoted some of our staff in Moshi to lead those campuses, and Stephanie and I are now Courage Worldwide Regional Directors of East Africa.

It’s an exciting (and challenging) season we are in. There are many needs as we go to new territories to work to bring freedom to more young girls trapped in bondage with no hope.

Would you partner with us in this vision? Pray for us for wisdom as we pioneer in a new territory. Finances are also a big need for expansion so that we can pay for offices and start hiring key staff.

Only God would think of expansion in a pandemic – so that He can get the credit. When fear and doubt seek to make us all shrink back and wait out the storm, we are being challenged to take courage, move forward, and see what God can do! We have an immediate need for $12,000 to secure offices and a living space for 2022 in Dar if you want to give towards the expansion. May God bless us all with courage to do all He is calling us to do! Thank you for partnering with us to bring more freedom!

Pastor Joel Midthun

East Africa Regional Director, Courage Worldwide

(Only 10 bags left!)


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