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Exciting News - Masks from Courage House Tanzania!

Exciting News! You can buy a protective mask handmade by our girls at Courage House!

We have just received 500 masks handmade with love from our Courage Leadership Academy girls!



With every mask purchased through our store, Courage will donate a mask to a medical professional in Moshi, Tanzania where there is a great need at the local hospitals.

The masks are sturdy, two-sided with a mesh fabric inside, and uniquely made out of African fabric called kitenge! The pattern you see on the left (above picture) and modeled to the right is currently the only design we have in stock. We will be getting more colors in the next month. Making these masks, the girls are so fulfilled knowing that they are giving back to their own community and people around the world. They are empowered to use their skills to help others! We are so proud of the girls for their hard work and big hearts that want to make the world a better place.

Our girls in this program are ages 18+ and transitioning into independent living after being at Courage House Tanzania. While pursuing further education (college, university and vocational training), they also learn practical skills like tailoring, cookery, computers and English, along with leadership and life skills classes. Mentored by our staff and outstanding community leaders, they are becoming world-changers!


"We thank you all who support us, because without your support, life would be very hard."

- Member of CLA, Courage House Tanzania


Thank you for showing up for Courage Worldwide during our Giving Tuesday campaign! We raised more than $20,000 and will be able to raise more funds with these masks! As you heard in the video, the girls are so grateful for you and so are we.

Blessings, Courage Worldwide



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