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Do What You Love and Change Lives

Do what you love for survivors. From our Annual Triathlon to creative fundraisers, we see our supporters channel their passions and success to join us in supporting survivors of human trafficking. The business course we're sharing with you today does just that.

Gary Aldridge is a childhood friend of our Founder and CEO, Jenny Williamson. When they recently reconnected, Gary heard about the mission of Courage Worldwide and immediately knew he wanted to use his business to impact the lives of others.

50% of this course fee goes directly to Courage Worldwide. Read more about LevaragingYOU! below!


Use Your Business to Change Lives!

Grow to Give

Grow value in your business using the LeveragingYOU! online course & impact the lives of others with Courage Worldwide.


4.5 million businesses will exit in the next 10 years, or less, representing $10 trillion. However, only 30% of these businesses will actually sell, while 70% will merely close their doors. Which one these businesses is yours?


LeveragingYOU! is an online course that teaches you how to be the 30% that sells instead of the 70% that don’t.


Women and children are sold into sex trafficking around the world every day.


Courage Worldwide is a global organization working to make sure every survivor of sex trafficking has the support necessary to begin the journey of hope and healing.

LeveragingYOU! is partnering with Courage Worldwide to change lives one business at a time. As you grow your business, you grow your ability to give back. 50% of your course fee goes directly to Courage Worldwide.

LeveragingYOU! Grow to Give Course = $1,000

The course includes 15-course videos that teach you how to:

  • Build your business for a buyer

  • Identify what buyers care about (and don't care about)

  • Estimate what your company is worth (you'll be surprised)

  • Set the value that you want to get when you exit

  • Measure what matters!

  • Double your business value (you'll like this)

With the videos, you receive:

  • 12 one-hour LIVE group sessions with Gary Aldridge

  • One LIVE guest session with Jenny Williamson. Choose a group session time to fit your schedule 5 p.m. CST/2 p.m. PST or 8 p.m. CST/5 p.m. PST

  • Downloadable workbook and exercises

  • The chance to make an impact! 50% of your purchase goes to Courage Worldwide.

Want to learn more?

Visit, email us at, or follow us on social media.


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