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A Joyful Testimonial from Courage Leadership Academy

It has been almost one month since Courage Café opened in Moshi, Tanzania alongside Courage House Tanzania’s residential program and transitional program. We are already seeing this blossom into a steady source of income for Courage House, a space for community and education, and great vocational training experience. It is so exciting!

Amongst our experienced staff, members of Courage Leadership Academy rotate in different café roles as they wait for their colleges to begin in the fall. Not only are these girls learning many skills, they are having so much fun while doing it! Read this encouraging letter from a member of CLA about her experience in our vocational training program and at the café.

My experience at Courage Café.

First of all, I'd like to thank God because until now I'm here at Courage. Also, I'm so happy to be here at CLA. There are many, many things which are so amazing.

For example, when I came to CLA now I know how to sew kimonos, pants and also how to use computers. My life has changed a lot. Now I know many things.

Also, through Courage Cafe I have learned many things like cooking, baking and also business. Not only that, but I've become very famous. Because of Courage Cafe many people know me. One day when I came to Courage Cafe on the road, one woman said hello to me and said "You work at Courage Cafe!" and I said to her "You are so welcome Madam!" For me, that day was so amazing.

Also through Courage Cafe and working here, it helps us to get our basic needs and college fees. I'm so happy to be one of the people who works at Courage Cafe.

I will miss you so much when I go to the university. Really I will miss bringing food to the customers, but on the weekends I will be here. I promise to myself and also to you that I will be the top student in my college and you will see when you come to my graduation. I will remind you of this on that day.




We are all so proud to be a part of Courage Café — where each cup of coffee, each meal has a purpose. The profits from this café, along with your donations, allow us to transform even more lives at Courage House Tanzania.

We now are supporting 50 girls and children at Courage House Tanzania. It wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you to all of you who have been faithful over the years.

If you want to join us in changing the world, one individual at a time, become a monthly donor. We are doing all we can to support victims of trafficking here in Tanzania, but we need your help! It’s quick and easy to start making a difference in the lives of trafficking victims worldwide.

Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide



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