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A Glimpse of Courage House Tanzania’s Staff Retreat

A Glimpse of Courage House Tanzania’s Staff Retreat!

We are employing over 30 staff here in Tanzania holding a wide variety of positions at Courage House from social workers, education professionals, guards, gardeners, childcare staff, and more! Working at Courage is rewarding but challenging. Our staff works so hard to care for each girl and meet all of her needs so she can heal and thrive. As an organization, we prioritize the health and well-being of our staff. The work they do is not easy, and it requires physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. To maintain this, we invest and pour into our staff in many ways, through frequent staff trainings, excellent working conditions and pay, and staff retreats! The past two weeks we held two staff retreats, splitting the staff in half, full of rest, fun and games (as you can see through these pictures!), loads of encouragement from one another, staff development sessions, and laughter!

One staff member said that she must have added 10 years to her life from these two days, because of all the joy and laughter she experienced with her colleagues! The staff returned from this retreat rejuvenated, encouraged, and motivated. Many shared that they had never experienced this kind of workplace in their lives—one that cares about their well-being and invests in them, both personally and professionally.

Watch this short video to hear from the staff themselves!

Cultivating a healthy staff ensures our girls receive the healing they deserve. To you, all of our supporters and donors, your generosity ensures we can hire the best of the best. Our girls deserve it.


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