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13 Years Ago: Remembering the First

I cannot let this week go by without sharing my heart with you. 13 years ago we welcomed the very first girls home to Courage House.

I remember...

Smiles. Laughter. Welcome parties. Jumping on the beds in delight at coming home. Water balloon fights. Bounce houses. Horseback rides. Star gazing. Bubble Blowing. Cake eating. Cookie baking. Birthday parties for girls who never had one. Easter egg hunts - the first for many of our girls. Garden planting. Pulling weeds. Pond mucking. Labrador retriever snuggles. Hanging Christmas lights from the roof. Whispers. Tears. Hellos and painful goodbyes.

I can list all their names. I called them daughters and they called me Mom.

They aren’t children anymore. Some of them are even moms themselves.

Like my own biological children, they don’t need me anymore but I continue to pray for them from my mother’s heart. I pray for them to find love. I pray for them to know their true identity and destiny. I pray that every seed that was planted into their young lives at Courage House will grow deep and produce much fruit. I pray that they will believe in themselves as much as I do.

To the first and for all that followed, I will never forget you. Today… I celebrate you!

Here’s a short video to share a little more with you just how special this day is. I am remembering the first girls at Courage House 13 years ago and now we are again welcoming the first girls at Courage House Dar es Salaam. Thank you for your generosity over these past 13 years. We appreciate you and ask for your continued support.

Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide


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