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We're Almost Halfway To Our Goal! Now, We Need You!

Our Mission:

In a world where children are sold for sex, we provides safe houses and resources for child victims so they can reach their unique potential.

Our Vision:

Every child survivor would have the support necessary to begin their journey of hope and healing.

Our 5 Year Strategic Objectives:

  1. Open a Courage House and a Trauma Assessment Center in the United States

  2. Expand our Existing Programs in Tanzania

  3. Research and Replicate Courage House in Other African Countries

  4. Create a Succession Plan for Leadership and Develop New Leaders

  5. Continue Diversifying our Funding

We’ve already raised $16,000 towards our goal of $50,000. Now, we need you!

This year we are focusing on a few of our core components. Give to any of these specific categories, or give what you can to the general fund!

Will you donate today to change the lives of child victims of sex trafficking?

Need a holiday gift?

Stock up on Courage Coffee! We’ve just received a fresh batch of Tanzanian Peaberry coffee, which is roasted fresh in California when you order. Every bag of Courage Coffee supports survivors at Courage House.


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