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Urgent Request: Courage House Tanzania

Urgent Request


Courage Worldwide is standing alongside the world watching the rise of COVID-19 with great concern and thoughtful prayer for safety and strengthened health to all.

With the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 in Tanzania yesterday, Courage House Tanzania is taking serious action to protect our girls and staff. After discussing the current circumstances with high-level doctors based in Moshi, it is evident that the community and hospital resources are limited here, and are not prepared for a pandemic of this kind. Our hearts are heavy knowing the severity of the situation already internationally and know that many Tanzanians here are elderly or have comprised health, and many will be affected economically by the effects of this virus.

One of our young 13 year-old girls at Courage House Tanzania is HIV+ and is at particular risk if she contracts this virus. We ask you to pray for our girls and staff here at Courage House -- for protection over their health and lives. We are grateful for a spacious property where the girls can reside and continue to call Courage House home during this time.

Right now our financial support is low: we can only plan on a month-to-month basis. Courage House girls are dependent on our organization for shelter, food and water, education, counseling, and a family. We can only continue with your support. Right now, we are caring for almost 40 girls and their children, and 25 staff. There are two potential Courage House residents being interviewed, one only 8 years old, but no beds for them.

Please keep Courage House in your prayers and if you feel led, in your monthly support.


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