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U.S. Ambassador Wright Visited Courage House

U.S. Ambassador Wright Visited Courage House Tanzania!

Many of the girls that come to Courage House carry deep, deep shame often placed on them by their families and communities.

Dirty. Shameful. Unworthy. Ugly. Especially here in Tanzania, it is a culture of honor and shame. You wouldn’t dare walk by an older member of the community without a deliberate respectful greeting to honor them. The other side of this is the shame. We see this over and over again with the girls at Courage House: the intense shame these young girls face from their families and communities when they are raped, abused and trafficked — instead of being met with the compassion and love they deserve. At Courage House, we prioritize overcoming this shame and empowering each and every girl to find their unique sense of self and purpose. On November 30th, we had an event at Courage House Tanzania that was of the highest honor for our girls, especially for many of them who have been told over and over that they are worthless and unimportant.

The U.S. Ambassador Donald Wright, his wife and team visited Courage House Tanzania!

It was an incredibly empowering and inspiring visit. The girls were able to sing and share with Ambassador Wright and his team about how Courage House has changed their lives. In a meeting following, we shared about our program and plans for the future.

It was empowering for our girls to know that the U.S. Ambassador carved time out of his busy schedule to visit Courage House, bringing with him a deep appreciation for the work we are doing, big smiles, and even special gifts for each of the girls and their children.

One of the most touching moments, after the choir beautifully sang an original song, was a speech from one of our Courage Leadership Academy girls. “T” spoke confidently in front of all the girls and staff, the Ambassador and his wife, and his team:

“Because of these people – the staff at Courage Worldwide – I now have a home, a family, a job, a college career, and now I even have the courage to stand and speak before the Ambassador from the United States!” “T” is studying to be a lawyer that fights for the rights of women and girls here in Tanzania. We need more stories like this! More lives transformed, more dreams chased.

This visit reaffirmed the importance of the work we are doing here at Courage House in rescuing, restoring and rehabilitating survivors of trafficking and empowering them to reach their full potential.

The expansion of Courage House, this visit with the Ambassador, and the hopes and dreams we have for the future, wouldn’t be possible without you. We now support 45 girls and their children here in Tanzania. The only thing holding us back from bringing in more girls is funds. We need monthly support to change the lives of trafficking victims, who are trapped in shame and horrific situations, but can be welcomed home to Courage House with your help. As we approach the end of the year, would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to Courage Worldwide?


From all of us at Courage Worldwide, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! We hope that you are filled with joy and peace during this holiday season. Many blessings to you!



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