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Today is the Day!

Today is the Day!

Giving Tuesday is a global movement of radical generosity.

This year we are raising $50,000 with a focus on 3 vital areas of our Courage House program.

We have already raised $10,000

towards our goal!

Donate to any of these areas to reach our Giving Tuesday goal or give what you can to the general fund. Any of the links below go to our special campaign! If you are looking to change the world, start today.


Giving girls education changes the world. At Courage House, many of the girls once believed they would never have access to education, let alone be able to pursue their dreams of college, university, or vocational training. We believe that every individual was created on purpose, for a purpose. Attending school—whether that is on-campus primary and secondary school or higher education—is key in unlocking their unique dreams for the future. Education is a pillar of stability; it reduces poverty, opens doors of opportunity, and empowers these young women to be all they were created to be. Will you invest in the education of child survivors of trafficking?

Counseling and Therapeutic Activities

Every child deserves a life of freedom and safety. Young victims of sex trafficking have often never experienced this before. The aftermath of this intense trauma requires trauma-informed counseling alongside expressive modalities—such as music, dance, sports and movement, and the arts—which are key to the restoration of each young girl at Courage House.

Comprehensive Basic Needs and Medical Care

Just like a loving family, we provide all the basic needs that each girl needs to begin her journey of healing. This includes nutritious food, clean water, clothes, school uniforms, safe and comfortable housing, medical care and more for over 60 girls and their children at Courage House. Many of these girls arrive at Courage House without having experienced the stability that comes with a consistent presence of these basic needs. Their bodies—violated and exploited over and over—often face traumatic health challenges upon arrival at Courage House. A healthy body allows each girl to then focus on cultivating a healthy mind and spirit. This provision creates a solid foundation for hope and healing.

We need you to help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal this year. More victims of sex trafficking are experiencing hope and healing because of your support. Let’s continue to change the world and help these young girls and women thrive. Will you donate today?

Need a holiday gift?

Stock up on Courage Coffee! We’ve just received a fresh batch of Tanzanian Peaberry coffee, which is roasted fresh in California when you order. Every bag of Courage Coffee supports survivors at Courage House.


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