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Through the Eyes of Survivors

In their own words...

We don’t have words to describe what child victims of trafficking having endured. In fact, it’s not our story to tell, it’s theirs.

As a part of the healing process and to bring more awareness of this crime against children, a technique called Photo Voice is used at Courage House.

Photo Voice is designed to amplify the voices of marginalized groups through photography showing the reality of their lives, telling their stories, and finding healing in the process. Their photographs and stories are intended to bring insight and awareness into the world of sex trafficking.

These are their photos and their words. This was their life… before coming home to Courage House and after.

Home. Safe. Love. That is what they found at Courage House.

In their words, with their photos.

Watch this video portrayal of our Photo Voice work.

At Courage Worldwide, we are changing the world one individual at a time.

Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $25,000! Will you give BIG towards the life – the future of these children?

Jenny Williamson

Founder & CEO, Courage Worldwide


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