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Featured by the U.S. Embassy

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and we want to call attention to the estimated 24.9 million people trapped in human trafficking globally.

This month we are honored to be featured by the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania, highlighting survivors—their tragic realities and also stories of hope and redemption.

At Courage Worldwide, we are fighting to eradicate this crime against the most vulnerable and support survivors in a holistic way. No child or person should be sold for sex, deprived of their freedom and dignity, and traumatized for the benefit of another.

In 2020, Courage Worldwide Tanzania was honored to host Ambassador Donald J. Wright and his wife Mrs. Kathy Wright to see our program and meet the girls at Courage House Tanzania. Since that time, we have continued to build this relationship with the U.S. Embassy here in Tanzania.

Working together with the U.S. Embassy, this month we are sharing five survivor stories and spreading awareness about human trafficking. See one of these features here!

Want to read more of these stories? Click below!

Every day, sex trafficking steals freedom and innocence from young girls and women in exchange for profit. If this breaks your heart, like it does ours, we know you want to do something. Become a one time or monthly donor to join us in restoring the lives of trafficking victims. We couldn’t do this without you!


Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide

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