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Education Saves Lives

With your generous giving, you have given them this gift that no one can ever take away… a home, a family and an education! Thank you!

Over here in Tanzania, it is National Exam time. November is a stressful month for the girls at Courage House. These exams determine whether they can move on to the next grade in school. They prepare all year for this exam, taken by all secondary students in the country.


Currently we have 36 girls who reside at Courage House and attend school there, along with 8 of their children who attend preschool.  It costs approximately $100 a month for all their educational needs along with the music program and their children’s tuition in preschool. We are asking if 45 of you would commit to a $100 monthly donation for the next 12 months giving them the gift of their education. For the 45 generous individuals who commit to this, we will send you the first name of the student you are sponsoring along with a brief bio, so you can keep her (and her child) in your prayers. If you give online, please use the note section to say education gift. If you are mailing in a check, please note the same on the memo of your check. We will then set this up as a reoccurring donation for 12 months. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.



Stephanie Midthun

Courage Worldwide Executive Director, Courage House Tanzania


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