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A ranch with several pastures behind white fences lining a dirt driveway.

Courage House in the United States

Courage House NorCal operated from 2010-2020, serving minors and over-18 survivors throughout the decade. 41 minors were served from 2010-2017. State policy change and regulatory issues transitioned the minor home to an over-18 home in 2017 where 15 over-18 survivors were served until the home closed in 2020 due to residents transitioning out of the program and the COVID pandemic occurring. These previous residents continue to receive resources and services from Courage Worldwide as they progress in their healing journeys.

A dirt driveway lined by trees without their leaves.

Future Plans

Courage Worldwide moved remote offices to Northwest Nevada in 2021 and is anticipating expanding resources and services for survivors in the area. 

A home located at the end of a circular driveway.

Courage House: Reno

Courage Worldwide is working with the state of Nevada to acquire appropriate licensing in order to open a new Courage House, anticipated before 2025.

A young girl meeting with a counselor at her desk.

Trauma Assessment Center

A trauma assessment center would provide an opportunity for immediate placement for minor victims upon recovery, ensuring they are able to immediately receive services and care.

A seating area aroundn a coffee table with a drink and snack prepared.

Courage Café

With the success of Courage Café in Moshi, Tanzania, Courage Worldwide hopes to open a branch in the Reno area to provide an alternative funding stream to support survivors of trafficking.

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