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This C2BU School Graduation Speech Will Leave You With Teary Eyes

This C2BU School graduation speech will leave you with teary eyes.


Last week Courage Worldwide Tanzania celebrated the graduation of three Courage House girls from high school and three Courage House girls from vocational training programs!

The girls were honored by the presence of all Courage staff, trusted members of the community, and the Guests of Honor, former and current Assistant Bishops of the Lutheran Church who serve on our board.

One of the most powerful moments of the ceremony was the graduates’ speech, a letter of reflection and gratitude that they wrote themselves.

This is why we do what we do. These stories of hope, transformation and restoration. Please take a moment to read this speech and join us in celebrating the bright futures these graduates have in front of them!



Dear Guests of Honor, Courage Worldwide Tanzania Director Mama Stephanie Midthun and Pastor Joel Midthun, Courage Board Members, Distinguished Guests, Courage Staff, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Praise GOD! I greet you in the name of the United Republic of Tanzania. We would like to thank God for each and everything He did to make this joyful and very important day in our lives. It is an unbelievable, interesting story that is real and very true that God has brought us this far from zero to heroes, from nothing to precious people, from trashes to treasures. When we do comparison by the time when we joined Courage and where we are or what we are now, it is a big unexplainable difference. We really thank Courage Worldwide, the government of Tanzania, donors, supporters, well-wishers and everyone who in one way or the other has contributed to our success! Thank you very much and God bless you! We are created on purpose for a purpose.


Courage has succeeded to educate girls who came from different backgrounds and education levels. For example, some had not even completed primary school. Some were unable to read and write but now they can do so many things. Some of the girls are in primary school, secondary school and colleges. We thank God that last year all Form 4 and 2 passed their exams, some have successfully completed their training and now are good cooks, tailors, beauty and hair dressers and entrepreneurs, two of the girls are employed at Courage they are now staff members. Really, we are created on purpose for a purpose.


Courage started by renting a single house but now we have our own property that is used as school and a home for younger girls. We still hire 2 other houses including this property we are using for Courage Cafe. Courage has been able to buy a good number of books, tables, chairs, photocopiers for school and staff use. Courage Tanzania has been able to start a project (Courage Café) that will support us financially and reduce dependency to the donors, not only that but we also have tailoring project where we sell clothes (kimono), we have a project for making bracelets, earrings and other cultural items for the same sale. Emotional and spiritual area is another big success that Courage has attained. Courage has wonderful counselors who have been able to counsel and advise us in emotional issues as well as spiritual areas. Religious leaders and Social Welfare have also been a great help to Courage girls.


Besides all the success we have attained, there have several challenges such as.

  1. We are lacking laboratory equipment and chemicals for science practicals.

  2. We are lacking a van/minibus to help us go several places such as church and different study tours.

  3. Dormitories are not enough since Courage’s goal is to help more girls. We wish to have one more dormitory for more girls.

Apart from these few challenges we would like to thank God Almighty, Courage Founder Mama Jenny, Courage Directors in Tanzania (Mama Stephanie and Pastor Joel), Courage Staff, Supporters and Friends. Thank you for listening. Prepared by Form Four Students and College Girls.

We are created on purpose for a purpose.


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