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A Thank You from Courage House!

Happy New Year! This January we are highlighting National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and our commitment to advocate for survivors as they embark on their journey of hope and healing. If you are a donor of Courage Worldwide, we want to thank you for partnering with us in this. You will be receiving a letter in the mail from us with your end of the year giving statement soon. If you are not, we ask that you consider becoming a financial partner in 2023.

I truly don’t have words to express how grateful I am for your continued support of the enormous dream put on my heart 16 years ago to build safe homes for young girls who had been trafficked for sex. Without you and your financial gift, hundreds of girls would not be home safe with hope for their future. Though my words fail me, read below as some of the older girls at Courage House came together to write a letter of gratitude.

Jenny Williamson Founder/CEO, Courage Worldwide
Our Dearest Mom,

Shalom, we would like to honor you the Founder of Courage Worldwide and our home Courage House which is filled with love, peace, happiness, safety, and success.

Thank you for accepting us and making us a part of the "Courage" family. You have invested so much into our lives. Previously it was bad. We had no hope, no security, no education or future. But because you said yes to God, He answered our desperate prayers and made a way where we believed there was no way.

Today as we look to this new year, we have a new life and the fight to achieve our goals and dreams for the future.

You called us daughters and with those words gave us a new identity as beloved. We are no longer forsaken or forgotten. We are grateful for your example of answering God’s call on your life. If you had not said “yes”, we would be nothing; we would be dead. Your “yes” gave us a safe home, a school to learn and a career to be proud of. We can now be a shining example to our children—who you also called your own. We want you to know what good leadership there is at Courage House. The staff you employ do a good job of supporting, counseling, teaching and taking care of us while we heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a hard journey but they make it easier. We need more homes. I know there are so many more girls who have been hurt like me. God bless you for continuing this work and loving girls like me. We do not have words to express our feelings for what you have done in our lives. Because of you we are now courageous, strong and can conquer all things because God gives us strength and you give us a home. We will thank God for you and for all the donors. Please thank them for us. We confess that our dreams will never die, our plans will not fail and our destinies will never be aborted and the desires or our hearts will be granted in Jesus name!


Your Daughters


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