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Saving Lives

What an incredible week at Courage House Tanzania! This week we have welcomed home a healthy new baby and 2 new young girls, ages 9 years old and 13 years old.

We want to share what your giving does at Courage Worldwide!

New Life!

Meet the newest member of our Courage family. He was born to one of our girls and he is healthy. This young mama named him Joel after our director at Courage House Tanzania, Pastor Joel Midthun. Without Courage House, this baby would not be thriving and healthy. He would be malnourished and his mama would have to be on the streets just to get food for her baby. Thankfully, this story has changed! This baby and his mama are well loved and cared for.

Homecoming of our sweet rescued girls!

Our girls gave a warm African welcome to our newest girls ages 9 and 13 years old. These are their new sisters, and their bond is tight at Courage House. Our new girls have been quarantining off campus due to the pandemic and they arrived to music, dancing and warm hugs. We are so glad they are home! Here you see photos of them going to Courage House for the very first time. Welcome home to our new daughters! Now you are safe, loved and able to find hope and a future!



Giving Tuesday Now is today and we know that this is a difficult time. Times are tough during this pandemic for many people, and for many businesses and non-profits. It’s a hard time to ask. But we must, as lives are dependent on giving.What are you giving to? Changing and saving lives. Our goal is $25,000 and one generous donor is giving a $5,000 match. You can give today and all week so that we can meet that goal. We will announce the amount raised next week as well as share an exciting project our older girls at Courage House Tanzania are doing to benefit you, your friends and even the community in Tanzania. We can’t wait to share with you! God bless you for partnering with us in your giving and prayers to change lives. To save lives. Many of our girls both in the US and in Africa have told us that they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Courage House. On behalf of all of our girls, their children and our staff at Courage Worldwide, thank you!

Jenny Williamson


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