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Just Do Something!

When I started this nonprofit almost 18 years ago, it was called Courage to Be You (C2BU). It was created for one purpose: to help people find their purpose.

Every opportunity I was given, whether through Courage Conferences or in one-on-one Courage Coaching sessions, I passionately proclaimed to anyone who would listen:

You were created on purpose for a purpose!

Then I learned I lived in a world where children were sold for sex.

The weight of that knowledge wrecked me in a way I had never previously experienced. I cried out to God from the depth of my soul, “Just do something!”

I felt a still small voice respond deep within me say,

Compelled to do something, I contemplated my role–our role as an organization–in this war against children being sold as if they had no value or worth. My mother’s heart was broken as if they were my own daughters.

As I sat in this space, I was overcome with the realization that these children were also created on purpose for a purpose and had been kidnapped from their destiny. If they were ever to realize their purpose on this planet, they would need a safe home to begin their journey of healing. From this place, Courage House was birthed.

It is not just a structure or building, a program or approach; Courage House is a place where hope is given, healing is offered, and lives are restored.

A place for these girls to return to their original intent.

The all-encompassing repercussions caused by the trauma of sexual exploitation are extreme and devastating. The healing journey is long, difficult, and takes a great deal of courage to embark upon. At Courage House, a family environment is created in a group setting to facilitate that healing. It is a community of girls and young women who not only share a similar past, but now share the common purpose of finding their true identity and fulfilling their destiny while embarking on a journey of healing.

At Courage House each resident’s unique strengths, talents, and dreams are recognized, honored, and celebrated! Their strengths, talents, and dreams are the catalyst for embarking on the difficult journey in the first place; the journey of healing is the vehicle to reaching their dreams.

Each resident of Courage House creates her own Unique Life Plan (ULP). Our job at Courage Worldwide is to provide her with all the resources she needs to meet her individual goals.

The Courage House program is not one to graduate from. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but one that seeks to encourage unique dreams and desires. Courage House is the place where we believe in her until she can believe in herself. Our vision is that every child survivor would have the support and resources necessary to begin their journey of hope and healing so they can reach their unique potential. When you give to Courage Worldwide, you are literally doing just that! You are helping us change the world one individual at a time. You are giving to the future–her future. You are giving her the resources she needs to be who she was created to be before this evil we call human trafficking kidnapped and derailed her. You are giving towards her restoration process. Would you please consider a year end donation so we can continue offering these same resources and safe homes to more of these vulnerable children?

Thank you. Blessings and happy holidays!

Jenny Williamson Founder/CEO, Courage Worldwide

We are still selling Courage Coffee! Perfect for holiday gifts and cold winter days. Support child survivors of trafficking and drink some of the best coffee in the world!


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