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“Courage is my home, where I get hope, love, peace, and education…”

“Courage is my home, where I get hope, love, peace, and education…”

Everything we do at Courage Worldwide is to see child trafficking victims access safety and all the resources they need to embark on their journey of healing—a journey that leads to uncovering hopes and dreams for the future and finding the courage to pursue them. It is remarkable to watch this process unfold. Each girl and young woman at Courage House has a unique story, unique strengths, and a unique purpose.

A member of Courage House Too, “Z”, wrote this beautiful letter that reflects on her life, passions, and zeal to make the world a better place for everyone, especially women and girls. Her words capture, better than we could, the impact changing the life of one individual can make. A girl who was once hopeless is now a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable.


My name is “Z”. I am 22 years old. I have been at Courage for five years and I want to be a social worker.

Everything that happens on the earth has its own reason and purpose. Sometimes it’s hard for someone to understand, because you need strength from God to know that.

Sometimes in life, there is no hope, love, peace, but only discouragement. There is no one to give a hand when you need help, and that makes you feel tired of your life and afraid to move on and fight for your future. It takes strength from God to stand, fight, and overcome it, because through God all things are possible {Luke 1:37}.

I am grateful to be generously supported by Courage because my life is being transformed every day. Courage is my home, where I get hope, love, peace, and education. Not only that, also Courage has helped me to reach my dream and I believe that one day I will wipe the tears of people and heal the wounds in their hearts. Honestly, I have never ever been disappointed at Courage because it is the place where I receive salvation and God’s grace and mercy. Now I am a born-again Christian.

I am humble and thankful for all the supporters and donors who support us. May the Lord bless you indeed. Surely you are the blessed people, very valuable people, in our lives because God is using you and so many girls will be helped, healed, and they will fulfill their dreams.

My passion and current course of college study is community development and social work to make the world a better place. Women and girls are a vulnerable and marginalized group: discriminated against, exploited, and treated unfairly in society. Girls are always seen as weak, submissive, obedient, and inferior in their family and in the community too. When educating one girl and one woman, you are educating the whole community because girls are strong, brave, good leaders in the present and to the future.

Hence, together with the community, government, donors, supporters, and even myself, we should stand together against discrimination, exploitation, and trafficking of women and girls in our own society and family for a better community and nation. We need strict laws and policy against the sex trafficking in the community and nation as whole.




Reading this brilliant young woman’s words brings a renewed encouragement to us. We could not be more proud of Z and her heart. We know that she is going to change the world!

These stories are more than stories; these are real lives being transformed. As we are expanding our work, so more girls can call Courage House “home”, we need to expand our support to sustain our programs. Will you join us? Will you share our mission and vision with your community? Every dollar, every share, and every prayer makes a difference.

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