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Volunteer Spotlight: Washington, DC Team Leaders

Volunteer Spotlight: Washington, DC Team Leaders


For the past five years, Brandon and Kristina have led mission teams of professionals from Washington, DC with expertise in political fundraising, communications, lobbying, legislative policy, and governmental affairs. Over the years, they have brought team members to East Africa who have worked at high levels of Congress, the Executive Branch, agricultural associations, and the private sector. We at Courage Worldwide are so grateful for this team and how they have supported Courage and served alongside our girls and staff. Here are their reflections from their time at Courage House Tanzania.


Our hope and prayer is that Courage would continue to grow and new girls would get to experience the loving help that Courage provides. Our plan is to go back in the years and decades to come to serve the mission that Courage is on. We want to go back and spend time helping and supporting the most beautiful part of the most beautiful country – and the reason we fell in love in the first place – the girls of Courage.

If you are a Courage supporter, thank you. If you are thinking about supporting Courage, please do! You are not just supporting a cause by donating to Courage – you are investing in another person’s life. And investments like these always pay off.

Brandon & Kristina Harder

Victory Road Co.

Mark your calendars! Next week on May 5th, Courage Worldwide will be standing together with organizations all over the world for Giving Tuesday Now - a special day of giving at a time more crucial than ever. Our goal is to raise $25,000! Keep your eye out for a special update this week and more information about this global fundraiser.


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