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Join Our Virtual Event!

For many people, the idea of doing a triathlon is really intimidating. Too difficult, too intense, too long, and so on. Our Virtual Triathlon on August 29 is different. You can tailor it to your own abilities. Maybe you need to walk instead of run, use a stationary bike instead of going outdoors, or take breaks in between each event. No problem! How you complete the triathlon is up to you. This event has no pressure! Just know that your participation in this event really does make a difference.

For six years now Courage Worldwide has put on a triathlon in Northern California that brings the community together for a common cause: selling children for sex is wrong. This event is always lots of fun, but more importantly it sends the message that as a community, we will come together and take action to combat trafficking. By spreading awareness and raising money for Courage House, to support victims, we are continuing to do our part in the fight against trafficking.

This year, the triathlon is going to look different. Because of the pandemic, we will not be able to have our in-person event, but the Virtual Event will convey the same message. Get your neighbors, friends and relatives involved!

Never done a triathlon before? Now is the perfect time! Everyone is welcome to participate in this event in their own way. When you register for the event, you will receive a t-shirt, race bib and medal for your participation. On race day (August 29), you can complete the triathlon all at once or in sections with breaks, outside or inside, alone or with a team! It's up to you!

This fundraiser carries us through the summer months and gives us momentum into the fall season to be able to support Courage House's needs. We'd love to have you participate in this event and invite your friends to bring people from all across the world together to take action and get involved in the fight against trafficking. You are racing for a cause. Running so she doesn't have to. At a time where the most vulnerable have become even more vulnerable, every step, every action, and every dollar make a difference. 

We also have a Courage Run Instagram (@couragerun) for more information about the virtual triathlon. Give us a follow for more updates and information!



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