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What Will It Take to End Trafficking?

What Will It Take to End Trafficking?

Between the staff at Courage Worldwide Tanzania, in the midst of the intense situations that arise by nature of working with young victims of trafficking, we love to remind ourselves that “at least our job is never boring!” It is certainly quite the opposite. Our work here in Tanzania is dynamic and multifaceted. Not only do we work directly with young victims of trafficking and their children, but also with churches, community leaders, the government, international organizations, women and youth, business owners — just to name a few. Anti-trafficking work has to be a community effort if we are to to see the rescue and restoration of survivors, societal transformation, and justice for victims. Our work can be broken down into four main categories, known in the anti-trafficking world as the “4 P’s Paradigm”:

  1. prevention of human trafficking

  2. protection of victims and the most vulnerable

  3. prosecution of traffickers and exploiters

  4. the formation of community partnerships

Read more about what we do in each of these areas here in Tanzania:


Through our “Not In My Country” anti-trafficking awareness campaign and multi-sector educational trainings, we seek to prevent trafficking and increase awareness of this violent crime against the most vulnerable. Hundreds of individuals have attended Courage Worldwide trainings here in Tanzania for women, pastors and church leadership, and youth/students. We are expanding our training to include health care professionals, law enforcement, the tourism industry as well as other government and community leaders.


Almost every young victim who comes home to Courage House comments on how they feel safe for the first time in their young lives. Our entire program is designed to protect and restore young survivors of sex trafficking. Courage House is a home and a family; a safe place for the girls to begin the healing process. We do this through a compassionate, well trained staff, education, trauma-informed counseling, medical care, around-the-clock care, fun activities such as music and sports, spiritual guidance, and continual support until they are ready to stand on their own. We believe in them until they can believe in themselves.


We support any Courage House girl in the prosecution of their traffickers. We relentlessly pursue justice so each girl can be free to follow their dreams. In partnership with a local NGO, Inherit Your Rights, our girls and staff are empowered and informed of their rights here in Tanzania, especially the rights of women and children.


Our community partnerships are incredibly valuable. We work directly with:

  1. The Tanzanian government (Ministry of Social Welfare; Ministry of Community Development; Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner; the police department).

  2. International NGOs

  3. Churches (including an MOU with the ELCT Northern Diocese)

  4. Intergovernmental Organizations

  5. Prominent business people in the community

  6. Various embassies and international governments

  7. Women and youth

Click HERE if you would like to read more about Courage Worldwide Tanzania. We have just recently updated our website page with the latest information!

We hope this gives you a greater understanding of the work you are supporting here in Tanzania. We couldn’t do all of this without your prayers and your financial contributions to our programs here. Thank you so much.

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Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide



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