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Reflecting on Impact: A Grateful Year-End Letter from Our Founder

Dear Friends,

2023 has been a year of unexpected surprises and opportunities for Courage Worldwide!

Our team has been working with leaders in Nevada to establish a regional Courage House. There are no long-term therapeutic residential facilities for these vulnerable children in this area, and we have been told that if we were open today they could place 12 to 14 children. As a result, we have begun to raise funds to secure a ranch, hire staff, and welcome children home by October 2024.

The programs in Tanzania continue to grow. We welcomed our youngest resident to date–she is six years old. We now have over 63 children and their children in our care there, which includes three campuses, two offices, and the Courage Cafe.

Three other countries in East Africa, as well as multiple US states and programs, have indicated their desire for us to bring the Courage House program to their areas. Our vision has always been to prototype and replicate the Courage House program, and we are excited to share that the prototype is now complete and ready!

The growth and expansion we always envisioned is now on a fast-track, and we are focused on solidifying our infrastructure to ensure every child rescued from tracking has hope and a home. We are looking for property, securing county/state licenses, and creating strategic partnerships within the communities across the globe.

As our 20th anniversary approaches in 2025, we have several opportunities that will be unveiled in February 2024. As a sneak peek, we are planning an in-person event in the US, a fundraising hike to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a Founders Trip to Tanzania so you can experience the transformational impact your generosity provides to vulnerable children.

This is a most exciting time in our history, and we invite you to be part of serving a new generation of children. Your gift of any size will have a huge impact in the lives of these children and often in the lives of the next generation. Thank you for your support in the past and for your contribution to the future where even more children will be offered hope and a home.


Jenny Williamson, Founder/CEO


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