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One Person's Purpose Sets Another Free

One person's purpose sets another free.

One of our hopes and dreams for 2021 was to double our capacity at Courage House Tanzania. We had no more beds and no more room to rescue girls – young children – out of the darkness that is human trafficking. We so wanted to bring more girls home to experience the peace, hope and love that is given to them at Courage House.

However, we really didn’t expect to be able to expand this year due to COVID-19 and all the chaos, fear, and uncertainty it is causing. We still had plans and hopes to expand, but we rationalized that those plans would probably be delayed. We convinced ourselves that we would be doing well just to maintain donations so that we could serve our current number of residents, their children and the staff. One thing of the many things we have learned about God living here in Tanzania, is how He loves to work outside of our limitations and expectations. How He loves to do things His way and in His timing. While our plans to double capacity and bring more girls home had to do with raising funds to build a second dorm at our main Courage campus, God’s plans were better – and in this case faster and less expensive! In the Fall of 2020, Stephanie, my wife and I we were pulling our Winnebago trailer across Oklahoma, needing to make it from Ohio to Arizona in two days. During that drive, I received a phone call. It was an old friend whom I had shared coffee with a week prior.

“My wife and I feel called to help carry the burden of funding so you and Stephanie can do what you do best and more girls can be helped.”

The expansion dream instantly became a reality! At the same moment, Stephanie and I felt such peace and a huge weight lifted from our shoulders because one person listened to that still small voice of God and agreed to partner with Him. Their taking on the burden of funding allows us to do what God has called us to… build them homes and call them family. It allows us to rescue and restore more vulnerable children from a life of exploitation and trafficking.

What’s your part? If you are reading this and your heart is breaking over the fact that we live in a world where children are sold for sex, then ask yourself – ask God – what is your part.

My friend was called not only to give financially but to become a partner with what we are doing at Courage. They not only give, but they pray. They not only give and pray, but they are committed to help us carry this heavy burden.

The burden at Courage is heavy because what these girls experience is heavy. The financial commitment to meet their every need 24/7 and empower them to achieve their dreams is heavy and at times daunting. The commitment to provide the best spiritual, medical and emotional (trauma therapy) care is heavy due to the level of healing they need. The commitment to provide them with the best and most advanced education they can qualify for is heavy because many of them are many years behind when they come to Courage. The spiritual warfare is heavy because of the lies, deceit and powers that work against what we are doing to bring freedom to these girls.

But the burden is bearable when God brings true friends and partners to help carry it. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” God used my friend and his wife’s resources and partnership to make our dreams of expansion a reality. But now there is work to be done to continue this reality of expansion. God has called others to give financially on a monthly basis to ensure we have the $25,000 a month we need to meet all the physical, emotional, education and spiritual needs of our girls who call Courage House home. God has also called mighty prayer warriors to stand beside us calling down resources from heaven of protection and provision. God called a group of volunteers to start an annual triathlon to raise funds so that we can rescue and restore more children. Right now that community is fighting fires around their homes – but they have not stopped working to put on this event. And what about you? Might God be calling you to be a partner too?

  1. A partner feels called to help carry this heavy burden.

  2. A partner feels called to pray big prayers often. When we pray, God works.

  3. A partner feels called to sacrificial giving. Without the sacrifices of some, no lasting change will happen.

Young victims of human trafficking who are headed for certain death or destruction are literally being saved because one couple listened to the nudge of God and simply obeyed. Imagine how many more could be saved as more of us did the same. At the beginning of 2021, we were at capacity with 25 girls minor girls and their 6 children at our Courage House campus and we had another 12 girls in college or vocational school. Now with one person’s obedience and faithfulness the dream became a reality and we are caring for 43 girls and 12 children! We at Courage Worldwide believe we can change the world one individual at a time. But we need all of us to do our part. To all those who have been partnering with us for the last 10 years… THANK YOU. We could not have done this without you. We still need you. Would you consider a financial donation at this time?

Joel Midthun

Regional Director, Courage Worldwide Tanzania

Here are some photos of our new property and expansion!


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