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Do You Have the Courage to Think, Act, Love, and Lead Your Best Life?

STNDTALL is a videocast created to inspire people to Think, Act, Love and Lead (TALL) their best life by introducing them to the leaders and ideas that can help them change for the better and improve humanity.

On this week’s episode, our founder and CEO Jenny Williamson was interviewed, sharing her story and the story of Courage Worldwide! In this episode, Jenny also discusses her book Do You Have the Courage to Be You, and how that question was the foundation for CWW. Her story is proof that with God anything is possible, and even at forty years of age, a person's life is just getting started. Click the video below to watch!

We would love for you to join us in our mission here at Courage Worldwide, rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking. Lives are being transformed through your support and prayers. Let’s continue to work together to change the world, one individual at a time!


Courage Worldwide



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