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About Us

In 2005, Courage Worldwide was founded to help people find their purpose. When we learned we live in a world where children are sold for sex, we vowed to do something: something to protect these vulnerable children and propel them into their future. We vowed to give them hope and a home.

Since 2010, Courage Worldwide has operated trauma- and survivor-informed residential safe houses: 3 minor homes and 2 over-18 homes located in Northern California and both Moshi and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Although the Northern California location closed in 2020, the homes in Tanzania continue to serve nearly 100 residents across all locations.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be and do all they were created for.

Our Mission

Our Mission

In a world where children are sold for sex, Courage Worldwide provides safe houses and resources to child victims so they can reach their unique potential.

A group of young girls walking down a hallway together.
A small boy laughing while holding a water bottle.

Our Vision

We believe every child survivor should have the support necessary to begin their journey of hope and healing.

We Need Your Support Today!

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