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Changing the World

One Individual at a Time

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Why Courage House?

The Desperate Need

Women and girls are disproportionately impacted by the human trafficking industry and commercial sexual exploitation. With a severe lack of dedicated safe houses for this population, survivors face an uphill battle to access care and resources. That's where Courage House comes in.

"Tricia", Courage House Resident

"I am so thankful that Courage found me. They gave me a place to call home, a family I once never had, and the courage to be me. I am studying law so I can become a lawyer and be a voice for women and children."

"Ella", Courage House Resident

"At Courage, I found people I trust. When I had struggles, they helped me and showed real love to me. All my needs are met. I have a good, safe, and protected place to live."

"Brenda", Courage House Resident

"I feel loved and I feel free because people are caring for me. They saw me for what I could be: successful and prosperous."

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Our 10th Annual


Coming up on August 24, 2024! Find details about this year's GIANT triathlon event by clicking the link below.

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