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Courage Triathlon

One of Courage Worldwide's mantras is "Do what you love to do for these kids!" For those who love being outdoors, who love to compete, our annual triathlon is the event for you! While you run, bike, and kayak (or paddleboard); while you volunteer; while you sponsor; or while you fundraise, you are making a huge difference in the lives of those who have been trafficked. 

The edge of Lake Almanor
Courage Triathlon FAQ
  • What are the newest changes to the triathlon?

    • Since 2019, the course has changed to be on the northeast side of the lake on the tip of the peninsula. The triathlon will take place over the roads of the Lake Almanor Country Club. As of 2023, the option for utilizing a paddleboard for the water portion was also added!

  • Can anyone participate?

    • Yes; minors must have parents present.​

  • What is needed to participate?

    • A bike and a kayak or paddleboard are needed to participate. These items are available for rent from businesses in the Chester or Canyon Damn area.​

  • Can I register the day of the event?

    • The event can't support an unlimited number of participants. Registration is anticipated to close in the weeks leading up to the event. Register as early as possible so the anticipated number of participants can be accurately determined. Additionally, as the location for the triathlon is in a highly secure gated community, proof of participation is required to enter the gate.​

  • Is the country club gated? How will I get in?

    • The gates will be staffed, but the event is open to the public! Just mention the triathlon to security at the gates to be let in. Any interested members of the public looking to cheer our participants on, shop our vendor tables, or donate to Courage Worldwide can mention the triathlon at the gate as well to join in on the fun!

  • What is the last day to register to receive a shirt and participation medal?

    • Please register at least 3 weeks prior to the event date to ensure you get SWAG.​

  • When and where do we pick up our packets?

    • Packets can be picked up from Clifford's Restaurant (the same address provided for the race) on the day before the triathlon from 4 PM to 7 PM. Please reference our Packet Pickup and Race Day Instructions for further information.​

  • Is it easy to find my way to the event and equipment drop off areas?

    • This is a rural area and cell service may be impacted. Most areas in the peninsula, however, are easy to find if using GPS or a map. The locals and business owners can also be a friendly resource.

  • Can I drop off my bike/kayak/paddleboard before getting my packet?

    • No. Race stickers must be attached to your equipment before dropping them off and the race stickers are located in the packet. After you have picked up your packet, you can drop off your items.

  • What should I do on race morning?

    • Packets must be picked up prior to the start of the race. Attach the identification number sticks to your bike and kayak/paddleboard and drop them off—bike at Rec 1 and kayak/paddleboard at Rec 2—before you do anything else.​

  • How early can I stage my bike/kayak/paddleboard on Saturday morning before the race begins?

    • Equipment may be staged as early as 8 AM.​

  • Will my bike/kayak/paddleboard be safe overnight on Friday?

    • Yes, dedicated volunteers will be guarding the equipment overnight.​

  • Can a team consist of just 2 people?

    • A team can consist of 2 or 3 (but no more) members. The price for the team remains the same regardless.​

  • Can I use a watercraft other than a kayak or a paddleboard?

    • Any non-motorized, paddle-driven watercraft without pedals, sails, or oars can be used for the 3.1 mile water portion. A blow up or standard paddleboard may be used. This does not include sculling boats or any oar-driven boat.​

  • Can I use my mountain bike on the paved trails?

    • Yes, mountain or street bicycles may be used. Motorized/electric bikes are not permitted for competition.​

  • Could the event be subject to cancellation due to poor weather?

    • The event will be held rain or shine.​

  • Is the course easy?

    • The course will be on residential streets within the Lake Almanor Country Club. As with any road sharing situation, you will need to be aware of and cautious around vehicles, pedestrians, or other bicyclists. The streets have hills and dips, including some significant hills and curves which could pose problems for those going too fast. Caution is advised throughout. Reduce speed around curves and watch for vehicles.​

  • Will the course be marked?

    • The course will have signs and volunteers.​

  • How will the water portion be marked?

    • Kayakers/paddleboarders will remain close to the shore, proceeding counter clockwise around the tip of peninsula (with the shoreline on the left) until they reach the clearly marked landing zone just past the first inlet by Rec 1. Volunteers will assist participants as they get out of their kayaks or off their paddleboards.​

  • What should I wear?

    • Wear comfortable clothing that won't hinder your ability to perform, but be prepared for changing temperatures. Rowing gloves and water shoes or tennis shoes are recommended for kayakers and paddleboarders. ​

  • Is there any mandatory equipment?

    • There is mandated safety gear that is required. Helmets must be worn by bicyclists. Flotations vests and whistles must be worn by kayakers and paddleboarders. No headphones are allowed during the bicycle portion due to safety concerns. Failure to recognize these safety measures may result in disqualification.

  • What happens if I tip my kayak or paddleboard?

    • Any time you are in a watercraft, no matter how stable, you should plan for the possibility of capsizing or getting wet. Although we do have water safeties standing by, you are your greatest aid in this situation. For this reason, we ask you refrain from drinking while kayaking or paddleboarding and that you follow the rules and wear your safety equipment. Don't panic—we'll help if you can't get back into your vessel. Be aware of items you want to keep safe. Put your cell phone and other important items in a waterproof floatation sack.​

  • What will be provided at aid stations?

    • Aid stations along the course will have minor first aid supplies and water. Along with these items, the end-of-the-race station will have snacks.

  • Will food be provided?

    • Meals will not be provided for free; food will be available for purchase in the area.​

  • Will medical staff be present?

    • Yes, we have numerous trained medical staff standing by throughout the course.​

  • Where do I park during the race?

    • There will be parking in several locations at and near Rec 1. Follow the signs. Parking attendants will be assisting.​

  • Is there lodging nearby?

    • Yes, there are many options for lodging, including motels, cabins, and campgrounds. Please reference our curated Google Map below for local accommodations.​

  • What happens to my bike and kayak/paddleboard after I finish the race?

    • Please be courteous to our dedicated volunteers guarding your bikes and, upon completion of the race, promptly retrieve your bike from Rec 2. If you are a bike teamster, you may ride your bike 1 mile back to Rec 1 after completing the bike loop and handing off your timing chip to your kayaking or paddleboarding partner. Kayaks and paddleboards will be handled by catchers once you reach the shore. It's your responsibility to retrieve your equipment once you've finished the race.​

  • Will awards be given out for age divisions?

    • Yes, awards will be given based on age divisions.​

  • How much of my registration money is going to Courage Worldwide?

    • Every penny of your registration fee goes toward Courage Worldwide programs to support survivors of sex trafficking.


If you are traveling from the East:

Take Hwy 26 westbound.

Turn left onto Plumas County Rd. A13 for 1.1 mile.

Turn right onto Clifford Dr. (follow signs for Lake Almanor Country Club[LACC]/Peninsula Resort).

Proceed until you reach the manned gate house entrance to the LACC.

If you are traveling from the West:

Take Hwy 36 eastbound through Chester.

Turn right onto Plumas County Rd. A13 for 1.1. mile.

Turn right onto Clifford Dr. (follow signs for LACC).

Proceed until you reach the manned gate house entrance to LACC.

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