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Courage House Through Fresh Eyes

In March of this year, we had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful team from Bayside Adventure Sports in Sacramento, California at Courage House Tanzania. Some familiar faces and some new, we had a powerful week with this group, our staff, and the girls at Courage House. Amongst this team was Tony Daugherty and his wife Stacie—who blessed us with their skills, knowledge, and passions.

Read this letter written by Tony to our East Africa Regional Directors, Joel and Stephanie Midthun, to see Courage House with fresh eyes through this volunteer experience.


My wife Stacie and I wanted to take a moment to express the profound impact Courage Tanzania had on us during our visit with you and your team.

Specifically, we were deeply moved by the young women whose lives you have transformed.

We cannot thank you enough for your warm hospitality and the time you generously spent with us and our small team. The incredible accomplishments you have achieved are a testament to the divine intervention of the Lord working through you. Our initial intent was to encourage and help your ministry in some small way through our visit, but we left a week later with our souls overflowing with more inspiration than we could have ever imagined.

Spa Day with the Courage House residents and staff! One of the many acts of service this team blessed the girls and staff with.

Through your unwavering faith and vision God has given you, it was truly astonishing to hear the girls speak about the life-changing impact Courage House has had on them. They have formed a family within your organization and are making plans for a future they once thought was unattainable. Their past circumstances were beyond comprehension, but you have restored their hope and shown them the love of a Heavenly Father that is unconditional, never-ending, and who will never disappoint them.

The two safe houses and all the resources you provide for the sixty-plus girls are not just shelters, but rather a home for their babies, a place to grow, grieve, and begin anew. We could see the girls' passion and pride in their newfound family, education, and way of life they never thought was possible.

I have traveled the world for various reasons, but I came to Courage Tanzania to see God at work, and my heart was restored by witnessing the miracles that can be accomplished through people who listen and follow their calling. It was a privilege to be around you and the incredible staff and team that have been inspired by your vision. There is nothing like having a front-row seat to see the Lord use people like you to accomplish great things.

Pictured: Preparing the “Wall of Encouragement” and a goodbye gift of traditional fabrics.

Thank you again. My wife and I can’t say enough to express our heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous global impact that you and all the members of Courage Worldwide are creating. It is inspiring to witness your unwavering commitment to supporting vulnerable children and helping them realize their true value through the transformative experiences at a house of courage, a Courage House.

Blessings to you both,

Tony Daugherty

President of Gemini Legal Services


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