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A Visit from William Jessup University

Back in June, an incredible small group joined us in Tanzania from William Jessup University. This team was full of smiles and warmth, and was incredibly eager to connect with the girls and soak in all Tanzania has to offer. We are excited to share some highlights from their journey with you and hope it brings encouragement!

The group shared their gifts and talents with our girls at Courage House in numerous ways: leading worship, sharing devotions, playing games, making crafts, and trading languages. They attended a graduation ceremony held for a large number of our girls from Courage Leadership Academy and witnessed 33 girls from Courage House choose to be baptized.

Because it’s impossible to travel to Tanzania without taking the time to experience its natural

beauty, the team was also able to hike to one of the local waterfalls, taste local coffee made fresh in front of them, ride through the safari on multiple game drives, and visit local markets.

We couldn’t think of a better way to end this highlight than this beautiful quote from the leader of this group and professor at WJU, Matt Godshall:

“I think I can speak for the team in saying that our lives are being changed through the relationships we are building with the Courage girls/women. These are some of the strongest, most joyful, kindest, friendliest, most talented people we’ve ever met. For (about) two weeks we get to live life with them and—I know this might sound a bit dramatic—it is sacred. It’s like entering holy ground. And because it’s sacred, any words I use to describe it are inadequate. But it’s real because God (ultimate reality) is present. As I’ve watched them dance, sing, worship, laugh, serve, play, learn, teach, support one another, and love each other’s kids as their own, I cannot help but see the self-giving love of God. God’s image shines beautifully and clearly in this sisterhood called Courage House.”

We’re so grateful to have hosted this wonderful group from William Jessup University. With

so many ways to support our programs at Courage Worldwide, volunteer teams who choose to travel halfway across the world to show their support in-person and witness the incredible transformations happening at Courage House mean the world to us!

We’re not all able to travel quite the distance as this group did, but you can still make a difference. Click the link below to donate and support our programs to provide the resources survivors need to find hope and healing.


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