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A front door with the words "welcome home" painted on the outside.

Courage House

Courage House is a long-term, trauma-informed therapeutic residential home for minor female victims of sex trafficking.


It is a place of restoration.

What is Courage House?

Courage House is not just a structure or a building, a program or an approach; it is a place where hope is given, healing is offered, and lives are restored. It is a community of girls and young women who not only share a similar past, but now share the common purpose of finding their true identity and fulfilling their destiny while embarking on a journey of healing.

Courage House Moshi

Our Program Design

We offer a comprehensive, culturally-relevant, holistic approach, encompassing each resident's own unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Each campus is a safe house—a community where survivors can learn to be a family, and how to have and participate in healthy relationships.

Each resident creates a Unique Life Plan with her counselor, designed to provide the survivor with a say in her future, an individually designed pathway toward healing.

I've been very impressed with the design for expanded treatment programs having to do with CWW for trafficked adolescents. I can truthfully say they are one of the most well designed therapeutic environments I have worked with in the area of human trafficking. Their extended family approach and focus on personal responsibility, while in a supportive environment, is cutting-edge in the industry.

Dr. Benjamin Keyes, PhD, Ed.D. Director for the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies, Executive Director of Green Cross Academy of Traumatology at Divine Mercy University


Courage Worldwide has established a long-term therapeutic residential care home model for sexually exploited adolescents and young adults that meets and even exceeds standards for best practices in the industry. Their outcomes are extraordinary with this population and are now documented as part of a five-year longitudinal study measuring the effects of the Courage House program.


Dr. Vanessa Snyder, PhD, LMFT, CST, Dean of Clinical Affairs, VP Institute of Trauma & Recovery; Richmont Graduate University

But Does It Work?

Courage House is designed as a long-term program, a minimum of 12 months, to provide extensive, daily, trauma-focused services. The need for long-term treatment is due to the severity of trauma and manipulation each resident has experienced. This level of exploitation takes an extensive amount of time to work through and overcome.

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